Jef Faes, 9 – keto – trans – 2. Installatie, 2009-2010. Collection Verbeke Foundation

XIV International Forum sculpture network

Sculpting Nature.
Land art, eco art and bio art
Antwerp, Belgium
29 September – 1 October 2016

Curator: Anne Berk
In Cooperation with Verbeke Foundation and Middelheim Museum

Since the sixties, artists started to work with natural materials, in land art, eco art and more recently bio art, giving expression to our changed relationship with nature and their concerns about our future. Instead of representing nature, they use the substance of nature itself, such as earth, plants, trees, and more recently animals, ranging from cows, butterflies and bees, up to living organisms and genetic material. Often their work is transient and they work outdoors, in nature, instead confining themselves to the white cube. Sculpture network’s International Forum is a networking opportunity for all artists, art professionals, collectors and friends of arts to meet, exchange and gain professional input on contemporary sculpture.


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